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HuntPost.com launches new eMarketplace Mobile App for shoppers


"Our HuntPost marketplace merchants can now reach a much larger global audience that will increase their brand exposure and boost their online sales."

San Francisco, California, U.S. October 22, 2020 -- HuntPost.com, Inc. the leading social network and online eMarketplace for hunting, fishing and camping enthusiast around the world, today announced the launch of its new multi-vendor marketplace app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This addition to HuntPost's technology suite continues to illustrate the company's intentions to build the most advanced global Social eMarketplace for the massive audience of hunting, fishing and camping consumers worldwide.

"At HuntPost we have been working with and learning from the smaller mom and pop industry merchants these past few years in effort to help them reach the most targeted HuntPost.com audience possible." said HuntPost Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Scott Bursey. "With our new eMarketplace app available for download in more than 90 countries, our HuntPost marketplace merchants can now reach a much larger global audience that will increase their brand exposure and boost their online sales."

The new eMarketplace app makes it fast and easy for online shoppers to search from tens of thousands of hunting, fishing and camping products provided by HuntPost global merchants, that otherwise can only be found at local tradeshows in many cases. HuntPost social network and eMarketplace merges the online shopping and social networking experience, so that hunting, fishing and camping merchants can reach an active audience of social influencers that amplifying the promotion of their products and services online.

About HuntPost.com, Inc.

HuntPost is a leading social networking and eMarketplace in the global hunting, fishing and camping industry.An estimated one third of the world's population participates in the hunting, fishing and camping industry, generating an estimate USD $2 trillion in annual consumer spending on new products and services. HuntPost aims to become the global social networking version of Amazon for hunting, fishing and camping consumers.  Social Life Network, Inc. ( OTC: WDLF ) has in place a licensing agreement with HuntPost's parent company, Sports Social Network, Inc. that is adjustable annually based on a minimum of $125,000 USD or 5% percentage of annual profits, whichever is greater.  At the time of this press release, HuntPost is in the process of filing a Form 1-A to qualify for a Regulation A Tier 2 offering in early 2021, and currently is offering a limited number of shares to accredited investors through a Regulation D 506(c) offering.  

To learn more about investing in HuntPost prior to the possible initial public offering qualification of a Reg A Tier 2 offering for $75,000,000 USD, please visit https://www.HuntPost.com/invest

To download the HuntPost mobile app, visit HuntPost.com from your iPhone or Android phone, and choose the applicable app download option.

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